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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

I am the purchasing director of Bonwin Technology - Shi Zhihong, the person who witnessed the establishment of the company in 2003. Started with the hotel electronic door locks, the company had developed and sold sauna lock in 2005. The sales were huge and now our company has a strong team to product network locks and room control systems. Our customers are all over the country, which means that we really occupy a certain market in the industry. The company's performance is improving with each passing day these years, though the Bonwin people have gone through untold hardships.

Ten years ago, the sauna industry developed rapidly in China. The summer was the season for decoration and cabinet lock products were both in production and sales booming, so the departments often worked overtime. Followings are the busy home installation and debug service. Considering that many places were in different conditions, we must install in non-business hours, making the installation work a bit more hard.

In 2007, I was still doing business around. According to the production plan, there were three customers waiting sauna locks to be installed at the same time in September 29. However, the service department had too much service work  to do and I then went to guide the installation by myself. At that time Wu Yongbing went back to Changzhou for reporting, so Wu, master Wang and I carried the locks and drove straight to the customer for installation service.

As soon as we arrived at the destination, we began the work. Due to the heavy workload, we still did not completethe installation in the evening. At this time general manager Wang with the other customer's cabinet locks came to help us. At last, we worked together to complete the work. Then we immediately went to the next workplace. Although it was midnight, our work was about to begin. The completion time was 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., we could only take instant noodles for supper.

There was still some work unfinished at dawn. In order to finish another installation on time, we were divided into two groups--master Wang and I went to the next customer to complete the rest of work.

I didn't know that the othe group was so tired that they nearly had an accident until the next day we returned to the company. At that time the company was in a period of rapid development, so service and sales staff often worked overtime and sometimes even the workshop / technical staff should join and share the load. The attitude of solving urgent problem for customers brought benefits for the company.

There are so many things crying out to be done. The world keeps rolling on and the time keeps flying. Ten thousand years are too long and what we should do is to seize the day.

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