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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

My name is Chen Junmei. As the only woman in Bonwin sales team, I am regarded as a hard-working and unyielding saleswoman.

After graduating from college, I went to Bonwin for a job. From then on, I have been working here for ten years. With my job shifting from the early sales assistant to the current saleswoman, my job duty was changed from indirectly serving customers to directly communicating with them. In Bonwin, l learn a lot. Although I have encountered some difficulties in the ten years,  I also gained a lot. These experiences accompanied me to grow and make me mature and confident.

Along the way, being honesty and integrity is my greatest harvest. It stems from the experience when I was a sales assistant. At that time, I had not only to deal with orders from distributors all over the country every day, but also to communicate with different people, which made me very busy. Once upon a time, because a regular customer ordered some sauna locks, I drew up the contract according to the normal process. After getting the customer’s confirmation, I arranged the production and then delivered locks after payment was received. It seemed that everything was smoothly settled. However, half a month later, an accident happened. I suddenly got a call from the client who said the lock model was wrong. It was a big mistake, and I was so shocked that I could not believe it. After that, I immediately put down the work at hand and quickly found the contract out to verify it. When I picked up the contract, my fingers were trembling. But I kept calm and checked the contract carefully to make sure the model was in line with what was in the contract. Finally I was relieved after the inspection, and immediately told the customer that the model was correct.

What I didn't expect was that the customer were more anxious. She said that she had not carefully looked at the contract and I couldn't remember what kind of model the customer had wanted at the time. In order to solve this problem as soon as possible, we could do nothing but recalled the situation at that moment. The atmosphere became more awkward. Suddenly, I thought I could check the notes at the time (every call was to be recorded). After the investigation, I found that this was my mistake because I blundered the model when drafting the contract and the customer did not noticd it. I immediately called the customer and admitted the mistake The correct goods were to her as quickly as possible and eventually the problem was solved.

Afterwards, the customer told me that she actually had the telephone recorded. If I did not find the problem and honestly tell the truth, then she might not continue to cooperate with our company. Meanwhile, the client also admitted that she should bear some responsibility for negligence. In all, she was very satisfied with the attitude of my handling things.

Later, I always think of the experience and keep stressing the importance of being honest and trustworthy to other. I keep many regular clients because I regard this motto as a guideline.

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