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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

Yesterday, when I was tidying up my drawers, I dug out a labor contract. After opening, the contract was signed in 2006, yellowed paper just like a "antique" . This decade, Bonwin company has changed from small to big, I have now become a middle-aged uncle from the young, I am a senior product designer-Zheng Chenwei.

Harvested Apples

Just entered the company soon, there was a funny thing that made me impressed. At that time the company has just set up three years, it is in the period of high-speed expansion, every day it had new changes. One day, the company's monthly performance finally broke through the 1 million mark. In order to celebrate this results, the company decided to pay benefits to employees. What is the company's welfare? You wouldn't guess it. At that time, there was an apple seller downstairs, and the boss bought an apple with a whole tricycle! After that, apple became our dessert for several weeks.

R0.2 Small Rounded Corner

In Bonwin, I experienced a lot of happy things, but more often, the professional of the product design requires me to always maintain a meticulous attitude.

Sometimes a small detail determines the success or failure of a product, such as a rounded corner. Once in a product upgrade, we made a new handle, first of all we tried to use the aluminum alloy. When the first batch of samples made, we proceeded to the test, the test results were good, but only the resistance force not. More than a certain pull, the handle would break when it over more than a certain tensile force, what is the reason, material, craft or something else? After continuous experiments, we found that each fracture parts was the same, which basically determined the weak link here, how to solve it? Finally, we tried to add a small rounded corner of this R0.2 in this area, after the re-sample test, the problem has been resolved, and the handle did not break again.
Eason Chan's
 "A decade" describes the helpless love, the "decade" of Bonwin and I is more like a simple friendship.

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