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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

From 2003 to 2016, I went through a period time full of laughter, bitterness and bumpy. I am the sales director of Bonwin Technology - Cao Zhonghua.

In 2016, Wang Jianlin, the Chinese celebrity, said 'Give yourself a goal, for example, earning a billion at first.' If we had set up the company's goal to 'earn a billion', it would be an ambitious daydream in others' eyes. As with many start-up companies, the original purposes of their entrepreneurs are nothing more than to make their own lives better and to let the company have a place in the industry. So at that time, everyone were excited and hopeful of every order inquiry we received and we spared no efforts.

I still remember the year 2005 as it is a special year for us. According to the market demand, the company intended to study and launch a new product - the sauna lock. In order to seize the time to grasp the market, we had to sell the product in 3 months, so we must speed up the process of the product development, preproduction and production. Finally, our products were ready as scheduled with the co-operation of all.

At first, in order to promote the product, we tried a lot of ways. For example, when the stage of Internet business has just emerged, I tried to promote the sauna lock on Alibaba. However, in addition to taking care of upload products in the shop, what I can do was to stare at the computer screen with the fear of missing a single one, waiting for customers to enquiry about the product. Later, I found that because of the lack of brand awareness, the product was easy to pass by the customer and few inquiries were received. How to retain customers? The simplest and rude method is the "low price strategy". Customers also cannot resist the temptation of low prices, and gradually the number of orders is increasing, among which are orders from large customers.

One day, a call from a customer from Hubei said that there was a project needing more than 3,000 sets of sauna locks. The project was a big project at that time. After finishing the customer's inquiry, I immediately packed up with excitement and perturbation. I got on the last train from Changzhou to Wuhan, which spent more than 10 hours. As soon as I arrived at Wuhan, I took a bus for several hours to the city and then it spent a few hours by car from the city to the construction site. I was very perturbed  to negotiate with the party A on the site. I dumbfounded once came into the office as 3 or 4 sauna locks of different brands provided by the local dealers had been placed on the table. Since our brand did not dominant, my confidence suddenly gone. But still in accordance with the requirements of Party A, I mainly introduced the product's performance, after-sales service and prices. In the initial screening of Party A, our brand became one of the final two candidates. It was beyond expectation! It seems that since there's a chance to win, I have to go all out. Besides, the other candidate is such a strong competitor that I couldn't underestimate it. 

Followed by a long waiting process, the party A firstly negotiated with BiDa. Two hours later, I was anxious and nervous to wait outside, and I kept thinking about how could we get this big deal. About three hours later, Party A told me to negotiate with them. Party A changed sale personnel and price staff one by one, which means that I had to bargain with one by one. They kept mentioning that other companies could provide better price and service to pressure me. Although my heart tensed, it was clear that they had not yet chose the brand and I still had the opportunity. Finally, the boss appeared to show the cards and I gave the final quotation. But the party did not announce the results. Waiting is a kind of suffering, and a trial. It took another 2 hours before the party gave me the good news-- our products were chosen. The joy of victory suddenly rushed mind, I immediately informed the company. The later work ended smoothly.

In fact, it’s hard to do business in most of cases. I always turn the victory into encouragement, frustration into power, and keep moving forward. Looking back on the past, no matter it is like going through the muddy road or flat path, or like climbing the hills and cliffs, every experience is the footprint engraved on the road of growth of Bonwin's and mine.

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