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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

The ancients said, ' Honesty is the foundation of a businessman's career.' Now, I think this sentence is still very reasonable. If businessmen want to get a profit, they must expand the market with honesty, and win the customers with quality. If you can do your best, and you will gain. I am Liu Changsong, a salesman in Bonwin.

It was a very ordinary afternoon in 2010 October, I did the work as usual. Suddenly, the phone rang and a strange number appeared on my cell phone screen. When I got through, the person who called said: ' Hello, is there a  staff in Bonwin company? ' I said: ' Yes, it is. What can I do for you?' The other side went on to say: ' We have a hotel project in the construction, we would like to know about your company's electronic door lock.' Then, I communicated with the person about the project. During the communication, I learned that she was the manager of the hotel purchasing department, and when she told me the name and location of the hotel, I felt a little pleasantly surprised.

At that time, this hotel project in Jingjiang was relatively large. I knew the project and had gone to the construction site. Without the correct timing and good way to visit the customer, I temporarily gave up the project. However, the hotel's purchasing manager has contacted me, which surprised me. Then I made an appointment with the manager of the hotel.

After the meeting, I asked the manager how she found me. She replied: ' Our hotel project is very large, and our leaders attach great importance to each step of the construction, especially the product procurement. Any mistakes are not allowed, so I consult several local hotel engineering managers to find you.' At that time, I knew the reason for this surprise. Our company had a lot of customers in Jingjiang, such as Jingjiang Hotel, Jingjiang Yangtze River Hotel and so on. If the manager wanted to know about the hotel's smart door lock, then she would naturally get to know our company.

At the time when I communicated with the customer, the customer also had discussed the project with a well-known domestic lock factory. After returning to the company, I told the details of this project to the general manager Wang. After knowing the situation, the general manager Wang said that we have to do our best to get the project, and then made a rigorous and practical plan. A few days later, we once again came to the site and had further communication and exchange with the leaders of the hotel. This meeting gave the hotel a deeper understanding of our company. Surprisingly, the meeting has achieved a good result. The hotel not only adopted Bowin smart electronic locks for doors, but also bought our company's hotel guest control system.

At the time, the hotel guest control system was still a new product, and most hotels did not understand the product’s performance and quality. Based on the good reputation and credibility of Bonwin products, the hotel management eliminated the concerns and ultimately chose our products.

Although it has been a long time, I often think of this experience. I learned a lot of things at that time. Among which, the most important thing is that do your best and you will have a return.

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