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Focus on hotel door locks for 16 years!

"Do not abandon, do not give up", this sentence is from a very popular TV series a few years ago, this sentence runs through the play, combining well with the growth of the characters, and has also been used by many businesses and individuals.

As a salesman, I have a deep feeling about this. The business is a smokeless battlefield, because there is only one final winner depending on the ability, so the competition is fierce.The hotel market has always been fierce competition, especially in the intelligent guest room control system in the last two years. How to survive and develop is the problem that hotel smart companies have to face. Some enterprises went bankrupt due to poor management, while others gave up and change careers. There is a dialectical question here. Whether the hotel smart door lock manufacturer is going to give up, or to plow in the intelligent industry and seek development, and our company chose the latter. In 2017, the hotel industry finally ushered in the spring, the entire industry is full of vigor, which is enjoyed by hotel practitioners, of course, including myself.

In life and work, we inevitably encounter different difficulties, give up or continue to insist, the results are often different. I have seen the story of climbing Mount Everest, there are a lot of body signs on the way leading to Mount Everest, it is the remains of climbers. For many reasons, they didn't succeed in reaching the peak. Some of them are a pity because they are less than a hundred meters away from the top. These also tell us a very important truth, "persistence is victory."

Do not abandon, do not give up, share with you!

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