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What Is The Intelligence Of Smart Hotel?

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扫一扫!What Is The Intelligence Of Smart Hotel?扫一扫!
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Through the special network composed of computer communication technology and RCU, the smart hotel with hotel room control system can intelligently manage and control the intelligent lighting system, service system and background music system of the guest room, thus assisting the hotel in real-time control and analysis of the room equipment and internal resources. This intelligent management system saves the hotel a lot of manpower and financial resources, and also allows customers to have different stay experience from the perspective of customer health. So what is the intelligence of smart hotel?

First, the guest room control system can automatically identify the identity of guests.

Traditional hotels generally use a room card as a tool to open the door, and the upgraded hotel smart control system can quickly identify and distinguish the identity of the guest with its built-in card reader. The customer type of the hotel is diverse, and the old customers can usually enjoy the VIP level treatment. The customer service department can confirm the identity of the guest through the information reflected by the hotel room control system.

hotel room control system

Second, the room control system can manage the status of the room.

The hotel room control system, which stores a lot of information, can directly control the state of the room. In addition, it has a room handling control module covering the entire hotel, you can directly use the network for online processing. Guests who book a room can get a real dynamic impression of the room on the display interface of the guest room control system. The room control system also automatically recognizes the state of the room and improves the efficiency of the hotel.

Third, the room control system can control the infrastructure of the guest room

The main impact on the customer's stay is the infrastructure of the guest room, such as electronic door locks, the temperature of the air conditioner, the brightness of the lights and so on, star hotels even have smart curtains. Under the premise of ensuring the comfort of the human body, the hotel control system adopted by smart hotel can control smart door locks, lights, air conditioners, curtains, etc. in a timely manner without the need of customers.

Smart hotels will continue to develop in the direction of intelligence, using technology to improve occupancy and guests’ experience.

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