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What Are the Types of Wireless Locks?

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Bonwin wireless door locks, mainly refers to the need for wiring sensor door lock, rather than wifi type door lock. At present, Bonwin wireless door locks are divided into single type and network type.1, Single wireless door lock BW803, apply to the old and new works, is the hotel common style. Mainly by the single door lock, proximity card, write card machine, software and other components. Installation, easy to understand. 

2,  Hotel lock BW883, the same applies to the new and old projects, is the latest research and development of our products. By the card lock, proximity cards, write card machines, coordinators, software and other components. Based on 2.4GHz Sub-G technology, to achieve synchronous lock upload records.

RFid door lock

Computer and coordinator through TCP / IP communication; between the coordinator and the door lock, it is through the wireless sensor technology to communicate. Door locks can be unlocked via a proximity card, or remotely via remote control. At the same time, I also developed a Division I mobile app, the customer can open the door through the phone lock.

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