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Smart Hotel Can't Deviate From The Beginner's Mind

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扫一扫!Smart Hotel Can't Deviate From The Beginner's Mind扫一扫!
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As one of the traditional industries, the hotel has long been a smart technology laboratory and exhibition hall. However, which smart products, such as smart electronic door locks and guest room control systems, are truly conducive to customer experience? The hotels need to cautiously choose. Intelligent development is beneficial to innovative operating modes and increases efficiency. It is an indispensable part of the future development of the hotel industry. But there are many unnecessary intelligences in the hotel industry, while management team is highly regarded, the guests are disregarding or even hate. The positive effect of hotel intelligence can not be questioned, but it is also time to do some cold thinking on the hotel's intelligence.

The Smart is a means of hotel operation, and it is not the purpose

The hotel's function is to provide guests with the necessary conveniences such as accommodation, as well as the necessary items for business activities. The essence of the hotel is to provide services. Therefore, the purpose of the introduction of intelligent technology should be to improve the guests experience, rather than to invest in so-called smart hotel for the sake of intelligence.

See the real driver behind intelligent technology

During the operation of the hotel, guest information resolution system,guest file system, room daily operating system and so on provide convenience for hotel safety and energy saving. The driving force behind these intelligent technologies is the hotel side. Selecting room by mobile phone, remote control door locks, free WiFi coverage and other intelligent technology save guests’ time and improve the experience. The guest is the force behind.

The above smart products,including electronic door lock, are designed to facilitate the management and improve guest experience, so this is necessary intelligence. The purpose of smart is to better serve the industry, not the tied industry. The hotel is a traditional industry, its essence is to facilitate guests, rather than their own service capabilities abducted by intelligence.

The hotel is the root, the intelligence is the means. On the road of Smart Hotel, we must not deviate from our own heart!

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