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Smart Hotel Room Control System Installation Precautions

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扫一扫!Smart Hotel Room Control System Installation Precautions扫一扫!
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1, Clear hotel control box installation location, and the front of the box can not be blocked, to facilitate the installation and maintenance after the installation. Can be installed in the following locations: wardrobe, ceiling, behind the luggage table;

2, The wiring has to be required to enter all the RCU box strength line according to the drawings of the line number;

3, All strong electric socket (except for the TV socket, table lamp floor lamp socket and other special power switch required by the special control) of the power cord will be placed on the electricity distribution box. Not allowed to enter the RCU box transit;

4, The strength of the wire is strictly prohibited share the same line;

5, Non-passenger control of the line control and other equipment and facilities from the hotel control box through the road. All smart hotel room control system of the lines are all pipe into the box;

6, If there are changes in time and technical departments need to communicate and draw a new drawing. If the line can not be identified or identified by the error caused by all the consequences I will not be responsible for the secretary;

7, Clear the installation location and manner of the door, the door lock door mounted on the top of the door, the cable part installed in the door frame, the wireless part of the corresponding installation of the door, the installation hole 9mm; On the side of the door lock, the cable part is mounted on the door door lock position, and the wireless part is installed on the door frame of the corresponding position.

8, Clear the infrared installation location, according to the actual number of wiring. Bathroom infrared as far as possible not to be installed in the bathroom door position, wardrobe infrared installation location as far as possible to avoid the location of the closet door, to avoid passing from the door caused by misuse.

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