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Smart Hotel Not Only Need Technology, Also Need “Craftsmen“!

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扫一扫!Smart Hotel Not Only Need Technology, Also Need 扫一扫!
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In March of 2016, Li Keqiang in his government work report for the first time called on Chinese manufacturing needs "craftsman spirit" for customers and the market to provide customization of products and flexible production, increase varieties, improve quality, create brand. This is the Prime Minister's far-sighted expectations, but also an indispensable foundation of the Industrial 4.0 era.

As we all know, Japan and Germany are the world's two largest countries which have longest brand life, Switzerland is the world's leading watch manufacturing country, because these companies for each part, every process, every product carefully crafted, achieve the world brand. Bonwin company set up for thirteen years, has always been focused on the hotel intelligent system and smart locks, uphold the "excellence, customer satisfaction," the quality policy, more than 10,000 hotels, Bonwin has set up the industry's top ten brands.


Today, the hotel intelligent construction has become the industry consensus and mainstream. The so-called smart hotel must be the service guests as the center, to the guests to a safe, convenient, avant-garde, humane care experience, at the same time, to facilitate the hotel internal management and enhance the level of hotel services, so that the above three points can be counted as "wisdom" hotel.


Smart hotel on the surface is the use of many advanced technology to the hotel, such as network technology, cloud platform, large data, and even robots, advanced technology behind the guests need more in-depth understanding of the hotel, if not the guests need, even if your technology is the most advanced, can not help the guests and the hotel, this "smart" is furnishings.


We not only for the hotel to provide more innovative products, but also to provide high-quality products! For example, we not only independently developed the host and software, but also developed a series of products-high-end switch panel, temperature control switch and visual cat's eye, etc., thus avoiding the host and supporting products between the convergence problem, so that the system Running more stable and more reliable.


Also, we have a circuit to go through four tests and brush 2 kinds of paint (three anti-paint and protective paint), strict process control to ensure the quality of the product. We always firmly believe that the best service is no need to service!

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