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Interpreting the Core Technology of Induction Door Lock-RF Technology

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扫一扫!Interpreting the Core Technology of Induction Door Lock-RF Technology扫一扫!
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Today, the sensor door locks are widely used in hotels, office buildings, apartments and other places, is a modern convenient life and protect people's property an important product of safety, usually common sense of the door lock, in the end is how to achieve a card to open the door? The key lies in the core technology of sensor door lock-RF technology, then here to take you to understand what is RFID technology?

RFID lock is also a non-contact automatic ID identification technology, through the RF signal automatically identify the target ID number of the target, fast, real-time, accurate collection, accurate processing of object information. RFID tags with waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature, read the distance, storage information changes freely, storage capacity, you can encrypt the data on the label, you can identify the movement of objects, you can quickly and easily operate, so RFID technology for a variety of areas and working environment.

electronic door lock

1, the basic composition of RFID systems
RFID system generally by the label, reader and antenna 3 layer composition. Where in the tag layer is composed of a chip and a coupling element, each tag having a unique electronic code and attached to the recognition object. The electronic data of the convention format is stored in the electronic tag, and the electronic tag is attached to the surface of the recognition object. The reader / writer layer is a device that reads and writes tag information, which can read, write and recognize data within an electronic tag without touch. Usually the reader is connected to the computer, the information read through the network to the computer for the next step. The antenna is used to transfer RF signals between the tag layer and the reader / writer.

2, the basic working principle of RFID system
The process occurring in the space transmission channel can be attributed to three kinds of event models: data exchange is the purpose; timing is the way of data exchange; energy is the basis for the realization of timing-electronic door lock. When the tag is in the working range of the reader, the tag obtains the instruction data and energy from the electromagnetic signal, sends the label identification and the data in the form of the electromagnetic signal back to the reader, completes the reading. Operation; of course, the reader can also rewrite the RFID tag has been stored in the data. So the reader can not only receive the data sent by the label, you can also write data to the label, of course, more importantly, through the interface to communicate with the server to achieve data transmission.

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