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How Is The Smart Room Control System Linked To The Hotel?

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扫一扫!How Is The Smart Room Control System Linked To The Hotel?扫一扫!
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The bigger the hotel, the more its management will be. In recent years, the popular hotel smart room control system provides managers with comfortable and humanized management. No matter how large the hotel is, it can still achieve efficient management. So how is the smart room control system linked to the hotel?

First, the association with the hotel room system.

For the residents, the living experience is undoubtedly the most important basis for judging the quality of the hotel. Therefore, the connection between the hotel control system and the guest room system is the most critical factor affecting hotel operations. From the guest to open the smart door lock into the room to turn on the lights, set the room temperature, adjust the sleep environment and other intelligent operations, the hotel control system can provide effective remote control for the room.

Second, the association with the central air conditioning system.

In any season, guests have a very high demand for comfortable temperatures. In order to meet the diverse temperature control needs of the guests, the hotel intelligent control system can maintain close contact with the central air conditioning system, which realizes the real-time control of the room temperature and creates a suitable living environment for the guests.

hotel room control system

Third, the association with the hotel network.

Now, we can't do without the network, and even if we travel far, we need high-speed network support. In this regard, the hotel control system allows real-time correlation between each room and the network system, ensuring that each room has a stable, high-speed wireless network, so that travel is no longer lonely.

Fourth, the association with hotel management software.

Under the cooperation of the overall data center and monitoring center of the hotel control system, information such as room status, service information, equipment remote inspection, check-out reminder, etc. can be quickly provided to ensure the smooth operation of room service.

The smart control system can manage all aspects of the hotel's work, which not only facilitates the management of the hotel, but also improves the hotel's work efficiency and service level.

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