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How Do Smart Hotels Become “Smarter“?

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扫一扫!How Do Smart Hotels Become 扫一扫!
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The hotel industry has always had problems such as data dispersion, staff redundancy, and high cost. In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the upgrading of consumption, consumers have become more and more demanding for technology, scenes and customized hotel products, and “smart hotels” have received increasing attention. Smart hotel has become another slogan after the “smart city”. According to the statistics of the China Tourism Administration, the market for intelligent renovation of hotel rooms in major cities across the country exceeds 100 billion yuan, and the number of hotels is still growing at a rate of about 20%. The future application of hotel smart control system is very broad. So how do smart hotels become smarter to meet the needs of their guests?

hotel room control system

1. Technology and services are combined to improve quality. Smart hotels are based on technology and services, the technology is the engine and service is the guide. The starting point and destination of the smart hotel construction are to improve the service level and enhance the hotel management ability, rather than blindly stacking high-tech, making the whole hotel look more intelligent. It not only continue to enrich the connotation and extension of smart hotel services, inject “temperature” and “quality” into technology to make technology live, but also deeply explore the behavior habits of customers, understand the customer's mind and transform it into a simple service. Smart services penetrate into every aspect of smart hotel building, such as providing smart hotel door locks. Only by transforming these technological innovations into more humane and warmer face-to-face services and avoiding “technology evolution and quality degradation” can smart hotels maintain their vitality.

2. Focus on positioning and integration. First, find the right position. The primary task of smart hotel construction is to find the right position. We must fully consider the hotel's own investment ability, sensitivity to returns, customer spending power and other factors, and then foster strengths and avoid weaknesses to make differentiated strategic planning. Second, strengthen integration. Strengthen the effective integration of the hotel system, fully realize the interconnection of data between the systems to provide support for the first-line services through effective resources. In particular, we must do a good job of mobile client information, guest information in the hotel PMS (hotel management system) and customer information collected in the CRM (customer relationship management) system, focusing on the deep mining and use of data value.

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