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How Does The Hotel Extend Smart Electronic Door Locks’ Life ?

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Choosing a good electronic door lock is the first step in the hotel's security prevention and control, and it is an indispensable part of the entire hotel system. Therefore, doing a good job of daily maintenance is of great significance to reduce the overall cost of the hotel. In order to better extend the service life of the hotel smart electronic door locks, how should we manage and maintain in the specific use process?

First, regular lubrication

The lock cylinder is the core mechanical structure of the intelligent door lock, so it is of great significance to strengthen the maintenance of the lock cylinder. When the lock cylinder is not too active or can not adhere to the exact orientation, you should remove the side panel and spray the appropriate amount of lubricant in time, and turn the knob and handle until the door lock is flexible. This can effectively extend the life of the smart door locks.

smart electronic door locks

Second, make a good illustration and use it according to this process

Many customers will damage the hotel smart electronic door locks due to operational errors. In order to better extend the service life of the electronic door lock system, the hotel can make the operation flow and precautions of the content in the corresponding position, and the illustration can better explain the use methods. This graphical illustration not only reduces the operational error rate, but also allows the staff to more quickly grasp the use of smart door locks.

Third, regular maintenance

The use frequency of hotel door lock is relatively high, so in order to better use its function and extend its service life, it is necessary to timely maintain the door lock system. Through regular inspections and regular cleaning, the hotel should be fully maintained in time to better meet the efficient use frequency.

The first secret to extend the life of smart electronic door locks is to regularly add lubricants, followed by enhanced cleaning and maintenance of the hotel smart door locks, which is an effective measure to extend their life. In addition, the use of door locks by hotel staff in accordance with the operating procedures can also effectively extend the life of electronic door locks, thereby reducing the cost of security protection in the hotel's regular expenses.

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