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How Does the Hotel Room Control System Control Air conditioning?

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扫一扫!How Does the Hotel Room Control System Control Air conditioning?扫一扫!
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The air conditioning system is an indispensable system for hotel rooms,hotel room control system is how to control the operation of air conditioning? here for your details.

Firstly, by an internal high-precision temperature control switch NTC sensor detects the room temperature, the RS485 communication protocol to upload real-time temperature and temperature parameters set by the user to the control unit BWRC388 customer control system.

Then, control over two, three valves, three-speed fan coil by the control unit, energy saving and remote control requirements.

Temperature control switch adopts manual and automatic dual control mode, with manual control as the priority principle.

Temperature control switch button can choose heating, cooling or ventilation mode, can also set the temperature, adjust the wind speed, switching time and so on.

BWTC223 thermostat does not directly control the fan, through the weak control of strong electricity, and strong isolation, completely eliminate the user's security risks.

Bonwin network-type air-conditioning temperature control switch using the most advanced microcomputer control chip.

Hotel room control system control air conditioning system operation is only one of the functions of smart hotel room control system. Bonwin hotel guest room RCU can also by phone Wechat or APP both to achieve the booking, payment, election room, open room, live and check out, but also open the room locks, lighting and other electrical and service requests. Both to the guests to a new stay experience, but also let the guests feel convenient, free access, safe and private, warm and considerate, comfortable home!

Well, hotel management system to pay attention to what?

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