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Hotel Room Control System, Creating a New Experience

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扫一扫!Hotel Room Control System, Creating a New Experience扫一扫!
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Now guests stay at the hotel is not just to sleep, people on the hotel services and scientific management requirements are getting higher and higher, the hotel use high-tech means to enhance the hotel service and management is the necessary way, so the smart rooms continue to be sought after. 

Bonwin room intelligent control system set intelligent lighting and air conditioning control, door alarm control, service control and management functions in one, the room dedicated electrical switch after intelligent design and computer network operation, to achieve the room status, service requests, air conditioning And real-time monitoring and control of electricity systems, so that the hotel management really from the experience of management into scientific management. Smart room embodied in the specific aspects of what?

1, intelligent lighting air conditioning

The use of intelligent hotel room control system, air conditioning programming function set room room card default temperature, room pull card temperature, room temperature and the corresponding wind speed. Guests can give each room an energy-saving temperature in the default form when guests are not staying. When guests check in at the front desk, the front desk attendant can open the lighting and air conditioning of the room through the remote control function. When the guests unlock the room, they will feel comfortable and warm, so that guests can feel at home.

2, the hotel door lock system intelligent

Such as the room is not closed for a long time, the hotel door lock automatic detection of automatic alarm tips. Inform the duty attendant, can remind the guests. At the same time when the guests are not in the room, if illegal people broke into the room, the system will automatically alarm.

3, safe state induction intelligent

When the guest is not in the room, and the room safe is illegally opened when the system will automatically alarm, the alarm signal will be displayed within 1 second in the hotel RCU control system management software. Guests check out the front desk can check the safe state of the safe, and promptly remind the guests whether there are missing items.

4, room management system intelligent

The computer will be no one room, the lights open state, air conditioning running state, emergency call, do not disturb, please clean up, no one in the room is not closed, some people do not close the door, safe and other status promptly displayed on the computer, the room of the electronic products can be their own guests dialogue dialogue, do one-on-one service, greatly improving the utilization of personnel. Guests will not see the waiter's figure but the quality of service is like a go hand in hand.

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