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Bonwin Smart Door Locks: Break Through your Hotel Management Limit

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扫一扫!Bonwin Smart Door Locks: Break Through your Hotel Management Limit扫一扫!
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With the booming tourism industry, hotels have sprung up. Relying on cloud computing, mobile internet and Internet of Things, traditional hotels, which have been designed to meet the basic needs of guests, have also been transformed into smart hotels with the goal of enhancing guest experience, expanding service equipment and improving hotel management efficiency. This new smart hotel is becoming more and more intelligent in hardware and service. As a hotel smart door lock solution service provider, Bonwin has developed an intelligent electronic door lock system to make your hotel more comfortable and modern.

Bonwin wireless network smart hotel lock has a complete intelligent system, which realizes the digital information management of the hotel through digitalization and networking, so that it can effectively link smart devices, forming a comprehensive management of hotel rooms and access control. This one-stop service technology allows staffs to manage hotel rooms quickly and efficiently.

smart electronic door lock

After installing the smart electronic door locks of Bonwin, the hotel can use the WeChat platform or APP to virtualize the accommodation process, thus reducing the face-to-face service scene between the guests and the front desk. When booking, guests can choose a hotel room online and then book a room. Upon arrival at the hotel, guests can unlock the smart door locks via mobile phone, room card and membership card. When checking out, guests can apply online to settle the room rate. The cloud management system receives the checkout information, and then the management computer will pop up a window to remind the staff to check the room and notify the guest by SMS after completing the rounds.

During your stay, Bonwin cloud management system can also improve the quality of your hotel. The intelligent background can fully monitor the service status of the rooms. When a request for cleaning, the request can be promptly communicated to the attendant to provide efficient service to the guest. At the same time, the system software can also make an objective record of the response time of the service personnel, so that the hotel can carry out corresponding assessment management.

Bonwin smart hotel lock management software provides a new ordering/checkout mode and management mode that breaks through the traditional hotel management restrictions. This smart door lock system makes people exchange information and connections with people, people and things, things and things more closely, which adapts to the dynamic characteristics of modern hotels and guests and directly reduces operating costs and labor costs.

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