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Big Secret of Small Wireless Networking Lock

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扫一扫!Big Secret of Small Wireless Networking Lock扫一扫!
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All along, the traditional mechanical latch in the safety factor is not high hidden. These simple door locks can be easily opened with some simple tools, and the keys are easily copied. With high-tech applications, humans use the keys for more than 4,000 years will be replaced. Bonwin technology effort to build a wireless network lock in Changzhou production. As long as there is a network signal, even if you are in the United States, you can also mobile phone APP or WeChat remote open the door lock.

Bonwin wireless cloud intelligent door locks, wireless smart lock and other products is a series of Sub-G technology based on the construction of new intelligent products, with the global standard protocol products seamless docking, so you sit back and relax.

You just take out the phone, open the wireless door lock APP, enter the password, the door can be opened for you automatically.

In addition, you are no longer worried about forgetting to bring your keys or forget to bring your phone, and your family can remotely lock you remotely.

For security, can only say that there is a better protection mechanism, any person unlock, lock and other records, you and your family can be real-time control. When the lock open, when you are thousands of miles away, the phone will receive alarm information. Even if the phone accidentally lost, other people can not open, you just contact the family asked him to unlock from the remote, of course, you can also use other mobile phones, tablet PCs, computer connection cloud lock.

This product is unique professional, can be widely used in smart home, smart hotel, intelligent building, intelligent student dormitory system.

Electronic door lock is a business to achieve industrial upgrading to provide services to the wisdom of service platform. The use of the function of this platform can be achieved product quality traceability, lock a variety of state information tips. Bonwin's ultimate goal is not to sell the lock, but it becomes an important Internet entrance, build community service platform, so that the same district users can easily about the ball, about the windmill (drops and Uber), takeaway ordering meals and so on, through the large data to the big nuggets.

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