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Advantages Of Hotel Smart Control System

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Smart hotel has become an inevitable trend of hotel upgrades, especially the hotel room smart control system, which is the first choice for hotel intelligent transformation. With the current competitive competition in the hotel industry, if your hotel wants to be a leader in the industry, you must provide quality and personalized service to your customers. So, what kind of application effect can the hotel smart control system?

First, intelligent control of hotel room lighting

After adopting the hotel room intelligent control system, the lights in the room can switch the relevant working status according to the preset values and scenes of the system within the set time. For example, a natural light sensing system has appeared on the market. During the day, the hotel control system can automatically adjust the brightness of the room light according to natural light, so that guests can feel the most comfortable living environment. The high-end hotel interior has a banquet hall, a western restaurant, etc., different atmosphere can be created by using the color of the light, the projection method and different brightness and brightness, which not only allows the guest to have a comfortable living environment, but also can create an artistic appreciation and attachment to the hotel.

Hotel room control system

Second, customize the exclusive life scene

Hotel smart control system includes intelligent electronic door locks, RCU, lighting control, air conditioning control and other hardware. When the guest arrives at the hotel, he can open the smart door lock through the mobile phone app instead of taking the room card, and can also customize the “night” mode with one button of the mobile phone, so that the lights of the bedroom, the aisle and the bathroom are all turned on. At the same time, guests can also automatically adjust the equipment in the room through the control panel, such as lighting, temperature and background music.

Third, reduce maintenance costs and improve hotel management level

Electricity accounts for a large part of the hotel's daily operating costs, the hotel room intelligent control system can save electricity to reduce costs. The system realizes intelligent management of general lighting, enables hotel managers to apply their management consciousness to hotel guest control system, and brings great return on investment for hotels.

Therefore, the installation of the hotel smart control system can not only help the hotel to improve operational management and reduce hotel energy consumption, but also as a marketing tool for online and offline hotels, attracting guests to experience high-tech and intelligent accommodation.

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